Simple gestures mean a lot

My GP did the nicest thing the other day when I went to see her – she entered the room and outstretched her hand to shake my hand. It was the perfect thing – it said glad to see you and how can we work through what’s ailing you. I’ve been through dozens of doctors […]

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A Job that speaks for itself

I saw this today on craigslist and couldn’t resist sharing: Head Lice Removal Technician (Boston area) (Do not reply to this posting. Read through and follow instructions at “TO APPLY” below.) LiceDOCTORS is looking to expand our staff of head lice professionals in your area. We use only natural ingredients. Our 100% effective and GUARANTEED […]

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Does it really have to be this hard?

I have some time off right now so to be productive while looking for a new job, I thought I’d take a course – good idea until I tried to register for one online.  You have to give a masonic hand shake, do it on the right phase of the moon and pray to be […]

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Getting a new job can be daunting

I had some insight today about what a pain in the butt applying for a new job is and how it could be much simpler to do. Make the on-line application different than the darn resume you’re asking for. Be clear what you do and don’t need in the job Look past the paper – […]

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Now I know why they are banning gas leaf blowers

It’s Sunday after a really rough week for the Boston area – my nerves are still on edge from the bombing at the marathon and subsequent raids, I looked forward to a quiet Sunday reading and doing cleaning- chilling and then the horrible grinding of a blowing motor starts at 10 AM and continues for hours. Now […]

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Real Life Heroes in the Hurricane Sandy

My husband was up visiting his cousins in Rochester during the Hurricane Sandy approach and landfall – he knew we were okay as I was at my mom’s house back from the coast and she installed a generator that was set to automatically start when the power went out and ran on 2 huge 200 […]

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EMR’s (electronic medical records)

Medical Technology and Patient Safety – Part II – EMR’s (electronic medical records)

I recently decided to get a copy of my medical records.

First, I was  trying to get a copy of my records electronically and that was a night mare.  You pretty much had to use a masonic hand shake to get the file open (now I’m amused because it was really a testing issue-something I do every day on medical devices)

Next I started reading through it and I found they had listed a bunch of medications I had never taken (but my mom does) and kept reading and well..tell you about that later.

Check on some of your rights about you records at: 

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