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The Partner Institutions of the kok体育官方app下载 Project

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Text: Members of the Project Teams

The principal partners in the kok体育官方app下载 project were initially:


The following departments within the University of Ulster are involved in the project:

  • Educational Services, which is an integrated alliance of research and learning support services encompassing the University's libraries, computing and communications facilities, media services and educational technology, management information systems and administrative data processing

  • Centre for the Study of Conflict, a multidisciplinary research centre based at the University, the main, but not exclusive, focus of which has been the Northern Ireland conflict.

  • (INitiative on COnflict Resolution and Ethnicity), the joint University of Ulster and United Nations University programme established to integrate research, practice, policy and theory, and provide an international focus on the growing problem associated with ethnic violence

The Linen Hall Library, Belfast

The Linen Hall Library, founded in 1788, is the oldest library in Belfast and the last surviving subscription library in Ireland. It possesses a unique collection of Northern Ireland political literature and political ephemera relating to the Northern Ireland conflict.

The School of Social Sciences and the School of Modern History at Queen's have strong teaching and research interests in the area of modern Irish politics, society and history. These interests are supported by a major collection of materials relating to Irish Studies in the University Library.

kok体育官方app下载 contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
kok体育官方app下载 is based within Ulster University.

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