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New icon Update on kok体育官方app下载 Funding

kok体育官方app下载 is seeking core, and / or project, funding for two to three years to allow major updates to the content to be undertaken and to enable technical enhancements of the website. Ulster University held a review of the kok体育官方app下载 funding situation on 30 April 2020; see the brief update (4 May 2020) about the outcome.


kok体育官方app下载 Logo kok体育官方app下载 (Conflict Archive on the INternet - cain.ulster.ac.uk) is a Web site which provides a wide range of information and source material on the Northern Ireland conflict and politics in the region from 1968 to the present. The site also contains some general information on Northern Ireland society. The kok体育官方app下载 Project began in 1996 and the Web site was first made available on-line in March 1997.

There are kok体育官方app下载 Flyers / Leaflets available with background information on various aspects of the work of kok体育官方app下载.

kok体育官方app下载 is located on the Magee Campus of
Ulster University

Institutional Relationships

kok体育官方app下载 is a constituent part of ARK (Access Research Knowledge - ) which is a joint resource between Ulster University and Queens University Belfast.
ARK provides access to social and political material on Northern Ireland that informs social and political debate in the region and raises the profile of social science research.

kok体育官方app下载 is based within INCORE (International Conflict Research Institute - ), which is part of the School of Applied Social and Policy Sciences, within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, in Ulster University.
INCORE is a joint project of the United Nations University and Ulster University. Combining research, education and comparative analysis, INCORE addresses the causes and consequences of conflict in Northern Ireland and internationally and promotes conflict resolution management strategies.


Background on the kok体育官方app下载 Project

kok体育官方app下载 - Conflict Archive on the INternet
kok体育官方app下载 is the acronym given to the Web site and the Project which is developing the site.

Development of an Web site on 'the Troubles' and politics
The main 'product' of the kok体育官方app下载 Project is the kok体育官方app下载 Web site. kok体育官方app下载 staff were also part of the team which developed the Accounts of the Conflict () Web site

Target audience - Higher Education sector and beyond
The target audience was initially the Higher Education sector in the United Kingdom (UK). However the site is available free to anyone with Internet access and over two-thirds of users are from outside the UK.

Background information on the conflict
It is hoped that those who are new to the subject of the Northern Ireland conflict will find a range of information that will provide a useful introduction to the topic.

Guidance and information for researchers
It is also hoped that those who are carrying out academic research on the subject of 'the Troubles' will find the kok体育官方app下载 site a useful starting point.



kok体育官方app下载 has been funded by a number of organisations:

  • 2018: Reconciliation Fund, DFAT
  • 2016 - 2017: Ulster University
  • 2017: CRC
  • 2016: Reconciliation Fund, DFAT
  • 2013 - 2014: European Union's PEACE III programme
  • 2013 + 2014: Reconciliation & Anti-Sectarianism Funds, DFAT
  • 2010: AHRC
  • 2006 - 2012: ESRC
  • 2006 - 2008: AHRC
  • 2002 - 2005: The Atlantic Philanthropies
  • 2002: University of Ulster
  • 1998: DENI & CCRU
  • 1996 - 1997: eLib

For full details see the page on kok体育官方app下载 Funding.


Original Partners on kok体育官方app下载 Project

Original Partner Institutions:
The development of the kok体育官方app下载 service was initially undertaken (1996-1997) by three partner institutions:
the ,
the , and
the .

Other groups and individuals:
A number of other groups and individuals have provided support to the Project. For example, within the University of Ulster the following groups had an input into the Project:
Centre for the Study of Conflict (1977-2000) ;
Educational Services; and
(International Conflict Research Institute).



The kok体育官方app下载 Project has a number of objectives:
  • Establish and promote a resource of use to researchers, teachers, students and librarians
  • Encourage those who hold relevant information to contribute to the service
  • Collaborate with and link to other initiatives
  • Explore content, design and technical issues
  • Key Benefits

    The main benefits of kok体育官方app下载 are:
  • Improve access to information and source materials
  • Assist in preparation of learning materials
  • Encourage active learning
  • Promote the awareness, value and use of networked information
  • Reduce pressure on library resources
  • Trends in the topic area

    There is a growing interest in:
  • Conflict and peace studies
  • Political studies, and
  • Irish Studies

    Further Information
    More particular information on the early development of the kok体育官方app下载 Project (details of staff, list of papers, access statistics, promotional activities, etc.) can be found on the Project Background page.


    Navigation / Finding Information

    The following information on the layout and content of kok体育官方app下载 site is intended for first-time users or anyone who is having problems finding information.

    Near the top of each web page on the kok体育官方app下载 site is a 'navigation' or 'status' bar which will help you to move between the main sections and also act as a reminder of your position in the site. An example of a status bar is as follows:

    [Key_Events] Key_Issues] [Conflict_Background]
    HOME: [Help] [Recent_Additions] [Associated_Sites] [Contributors] [Contributions]
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    This particular status bar shows that the user is looking the [Introduction] page which is one of the pages associated with the HOME page [kok体育官方app下载_HOME].

    At the bottom of each page are a series of 'buttons' which provide links to: kok体育官方app下载 home page; information about kok体育官方app下载; the site index; the site map; answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs); the search page; and contact details:

  • kok体育官方app下载 contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
    kok体育官方app下载 is based within Ulster University.

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    If you are unsure about the location of particular information you should consult the 'help' page which contains links to the main index page and a site map. If you are still having problems you should try the full-text search facilities, which allow you to search for particualar words or phrases across the whole site. As a last resort you could contact the kok体育官方app下载 Director.


    Outline of the kok体育官方app下载 Internet Site

    The remainder of this web page provides an outline of the kok体育官方app下载 Internet site. You should use the 'BACK' button on your browser to return to this page.

    Main Sections of the kok体育官方app下载 Internet Site

  • Background information on the conflict
  • Key Events
  • Key Issues

    Material contained in the above sections comes from 3 main sources:

  • material which was initially published in paper format; example
  • text written by members of the Project Team; example
  • text written specially for the kok体育官方app下载 site; example

    Background Information

    The 'Background Information' on the conflict contains a number of sections:

    Brief introductions to the Northern Ireland Conflict
    Background on Northern Ireland society
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Guide to carrying out research on Northern Ireland
    Guide to Internet web sites containing information on the conflict and politics
    List of acronyms
    Glossary of terms related to the conflict and politics

    Other Background Information
    Bibliography of the conflict
    Other bibliographies, databases, and electronic services
    Chronology of main events
    Abstracts on prominent organisations
    Biographies of people prominent during 'the Troubles'
    Database of those killed
    Political initiatives
    Policy initiatives
    Political 'solutions'
    Election results
    Government Reports, and Acts of Parliament
    The media and the conflict
    Personal accounts of the conflict
    The arts and the conflict:
      Political Wall Murals in Northern Ireland
      Examples of Political Posters, 1968-1999
      Symbols used in Northern Ireland

    Key Events

    The kok体育官方app下载 site will provide information on five major events:
  • Civil Rights Campaign (1964 to 1972)
  • Internment (1971 to 1975)
  • Ulster Workers' Council Strike (1974)
  • The Hunger Strikes (1980 to 1981)
  • Peace Process (1994 to the present)

    And thirteen other events

  • Derry March (5 October 1968)
  • People's Democracy March (1 January 1969 to 4 January 1969);
  • Deployment of British Troops (14 August 1969)
  • 'Bloody Sunday' (30 January 1972)
  • Introduction of Direct Rule (30 March 1972)
  • 'Bloody Friday' (21 July 1972)
  • Sunningdale Agreement (6 December 1973 to 9 December 1973)
  • Dublin and Monaghan bombs (17 May 1974)
  • IRA Truce (9 February 1975 to 23 January 1976)
  • United Unionist Action Council (UUAC) Strike (3 May 1977 to 13 May 1977)
  • Anglo-Irish Agreement (15 November 1985)
  • Brooke / Mayhew Talks (April 1991 to November 1992)
  • Omagh Bomb (15 August 1998)

    Key Issues

    The kok体育官方app下载 site will also provide information on a number of major issues:
  • Children and Young People
  • Discrimination
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Administration of Justice
  • Policing
  • Violence
  • The Media and the conflict
  • Parades and Marches
  • Policy initiatives
  • Politics, political parties and the electoral system
  • Women and the conflict
  • Other Issues:

    Collusion between Security Forces and Paramilitaries
    Commemoration in Northern Ireland
    Community Work Practice in Northern Ireland
    Minority Languages in Northern Ireland


    Use Made of the kok体育官方app下载 Internet Site

    Access Statistics
  • over 50,000 unique visitors per month who generate over 300,000 page views each month
  • one third of users are from Britain and Ireland; one third from the USA; and one third from Europe and the rest of the world
    (The access statistics exclude the use made of the site by the Project Team and the major search engines, and also exclude the 'hits' on image files.)


  • kok体育官方app下载 contains information and source material on the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland.
    kok体育官方app下载 is based within Ulster University.

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