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'Remembering': Victims, Survivors and Commemoration
Physical Memorials to those killed in the Conflict
photograph of talbot street memorial

This section provides information on commemoration and memorials to the conflict in Northern Ireland. The section includes a new database of information and an initial selection of photographs of a of physical memorials that are located in public spaces across the region. Additional photographs have already been taken and will be available in the future.

view buttonMemorials and commemoration
Background to the topic.

view buttonPaper: McDowell, Introduction to Commemoration
McDowell, Sara. (2007). Introduction to Commemoration, and to Commemoration in Northern Ireland. Web: kok体育官方app下载.

view buttonPaper: Nagle, Commemoration and Peace-Building
Nagle, John. (2008). 'From Mourning to Melancholia? The Ambivalent Role of Commemoration in Facilitating Peace-Building in Northern Ireland', Early draft of paper published in the Irish Journal of Anthropology, 11(1): 28-34. ISSN: 1393-8592. Web: kok体育官方app下载.

view buttonMemorials search page
The main search facility for information and photographs of physical memorials.

view buttonStructure of memorials database
A description of the structure of the database with details of the variables/fields in the databse.

view buttonSample page
An example of the output from the memorials database.

view buttonMemorials App
The Northern Ireland Memorials iPhone App, which uses the information in the memorials database, was launched by INCORE and kok体育官方app下载 on 4th March 2013.

view buttonQuilts
As part of the AHRC-funded project an assciated site was compiled containing information about quilts and arpilleras, some of which were produced by victims and survivors of the Northern Ireland conflict.


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