Why does every road in Massachusetts need repair?

I drive a good deal to work and back. I take Rt. RT. to Rt. 135 to RT. 128 and so forth. Every one of these roads needs major repair. I’m not talking a little patch, we’re talking major crater the size of the sea of tranquility on the moon.
And, don’t blame it all on Deval, he’s only been the head mahooti for a short time.
And why do some repairs never get done? Are people just not paying attention or what?
Rt. 128 by Rt. 1 in Norwood has had crews there for at least 10 years – I worked down that way as a contractor in 2000 and the same people are still there. What gives???

2 thoughts on “Why does every road in Massachusetts need repair?

  1. Linda

    Welcome to the real world of public responsibility and accountability.

    I am an Indian, and we read a lot in the press about how bad corruption is in India. But what you have described is exactly the same situation we also face, and with no excuse at all, for the great US of A.

    The so called standard of living enjoyed by some parts of the “North” was directly attributable to immoral practices such as slavery and colonial conquests. When these were finally condemned by all right-thinking people, the exploiters resorted to other immoral/unethical means to enrich themselves such as simple theft and corruption and worse (trafficking of all kinds).
    Some of these people are in charge of law making, so I don’t use the word illegal.
    BTW, all corruption in the Third World can be attributed directly to the example set by the “rulers” and “leaders” of the “North”
    Most (currently) Third World societies were ancient and peacable and had evolved a social order that made them ripe for the exploitation already mentioned.
    All the above are my opinions only, and I don’t claim to have any data to support them.

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