Why do women flush with their feet?

This action really bugs me and it is an example of the me generation run amuck.

By flushing with your foot, you are actually picking up germs from the floor (the actual dirtiest part of the bathroom) and depositing them on the handle so the next innocent person who is not germ phobic to pick up on their hands.

Please stop flushing with your foot and if you must take a few sheets of toilet paper and use your limb with the opposable thumb to flush the toilet.

And stop papering the seat and also just plain flush the damn toilet.

An article on germs in the bathroom: http://abcnews.go.com/2020/Health/story?id=1213831&page=1

Anyone tired of the next big thing?

I have to say I’m getting tired of every dramatic new project management technique.  We’ve been through Agile, Lean, CMMI and just plain waterfall.  I think software is getting worse instead of better.

Is there really any better way to manage than to know your people, trust them, know what you’re building and how long it takes?