Month: August 2010


Kudos for a change

I just want to salute the nurse I spoke with on the phone at Harvard Pilgrim the other day. I’m sorry I didn’t get her full name so I could sing her praises.

I’ve had a cough as a result of a cold that made me sound like I belonged in the tuberculous ward and it was keeping me up at night.

I spoke with the nurse on the phone and she suggested a type of cough medicine I had not tried and OMG, it worked and I got a good night’s sleep and started to feel better.


Our own version of the Berlin Wall

As I cruise down Rt. 128 every morning I see these ugly erections going up. I’m particularly annoyed by the fact they are putting them in front of the Meditech building which is a nice looking building with beautiful grounds. Why? It just sends the noise up to scatter over a fairly larger neighborhood.