It dawned me this morning while I was watching Holmes on Homes, it occurred to me why i enjoyed it and what people in government and everyone else can learn from it.

Mike Holmes emphasizes characteristics I was taught to value in public figures: adherence to reasonable laws, some sort of value system, hard work and kindness.

Shouldn’t we ask that of the new congress that they think of the greater good as opposed to lock step compliance to a worn out dogma?

Posted by lindamcinnis

Software Quality Provocateur


  1. I like Holmes Inspections and Mike Holmes but I do think he takes the worst case scenarios for tv drama. There are many good and caring GC’s and Home Inspectors (of which I hope I am one) doing great work that never get the tv credit. Mike is very knowledgeable, though.


    1. Yeah, it’s like all the organizer shows, they definitely take the worst messes possible.

      Takes for dropping by!



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