Kudos: great restaurant for breakfast all day: http://eggceteraetc.com in Framingham

Hubby and I were really ready for breakfast but it was 11:00 am so I turned to the Phantom Gourmet and found this restaurant close by in Framingham on Cochituate Rd.  We were pleased to find this tucked away gem of a restaurant with a create your own combo omelet.  Jess and the staff are very friendly and helpful.  And for those of us with mobility issues – you can roll right in because no stairs!

They start serving at 6:30 AM and stop at about 3 and will deliver to your office if you’re in a few miles of their location.

Worth a taste!!  http://eggceteraetc

EMR’s (electronic medical records)

I recently decided to get a copy of my medical records.

First, I was  trying to get a copy of my records electronically and that was a night mare.  You pretty much had to use a masonic hand shake to get the file open (now I’m amused because it was really a testing issue-something I do every day on medical devices)

Next I started reading through it and I found they had listed a bunch of medications I had never taken (but my mom does) and kept reading and well..tell you about that later.

Check on some of your rights about you records at:

Medical Technology and Patient Safety – Part II – EMR’s (electronic medical records)