Real Life Heroes in the Hurricane Sandy

My husband was up visiting his cousins in Rochester during the Hurricane Sandy approach and landfall – he knew we were okay as I was at my mom’s house back from the coast and she installed a generator that was set to automatically start when the power went out and ran on 2 huge 200 gallon propane tanks so we’d be set for at least a month without external power.

We rode out the storm and Chris and I kept in touch throughout the storm via cell until he returned on the bus and we had a wonderful reunion. As I inquired about the family, Chris told me the most amazing tale about his cousin’s Carl’s actions after the storm. Apparently, Carl’s step daughter, Lizza, her baby daughter and husband, Craig, were in NYC, trying to keep themselves safe in the chaos that is NY at this time. Carl decided to to take action. Accompanied by David, Lizza’s brother, they left at 6:00 am and drove to NYC; rendezvoused with the Lizza, Craig and the baby and drove back to Rochester all in one day! Amazing!

We are currently waiting to hear from everyone we know in the area so if you meet Dr. Rich Clayton of Monmouth University or Scott Gursky of Hastings on Hudson, please tell them to get in touch with me.