Getting a new job can be daunting

I had some insight today about what a pain in the butt applying for a new job is and how it could be much simpler to do.

  • Make the on-line application different than the darn resume you’re asking for.
  • Be clear what you do and don’t need in the job
  • Look past the paper – have the courtesy to talk to people – a 5 minute phone call can find you a gem in a sea of resumes.

Now I know why they are banning gas leaf blowers

It’s Sunday after a really rough week for the Boston area – my nerves are still on edge from the bombing at the marathon and subsequent raids, I looked forward to a quiet Sunday reading and doing cleaning- chilling and then the horrible grinding of a blowing motor starts at 10 AM and continues for hours.

Now I understand why towns are banning these noise polluters.