Bread & Milk before the storm

A phenomenon that happens here in New England before we get snow storms no matter how large or small is the desperate search and retrieval mission for milk and bread.  Now, we add a full gas tank and liquor to the equation but it is amazing what gives us security.

Hubby and I thought we were the only ones to notice this behavior but Chris mentioned it to his boss and some others at the office and our observation was verified.

I concluded it was so “the children” could eat.  I have a longer check list prompted by being handicapped.  I make sure we have oil for at least a week and propane for 2 weeks (it runs our generator, in case, lights go out).  I have groceries delivered a day or two (thank heaven weather forecasting has gotten better, Chris’ grandfather, Percy  Jameson would be proud), in advance.

I’m amazed that they don’t buy the freeze dried food.  But anyway I have milk and bread.

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