North Korea and Trump

How can Trump resolve the North Korean conflict?

Do what Trump does best. Throw money at the problem.

According to wikipedia N. Korea Imports based on 2012 estimates is 5 billion dollars mostly “petroleum, cooking coal, machinery and equipment, textiles and grains.”

OMG! You can solve a bunch problems in one field swipe. You put the coal workers back to work, you can sell tons of gas, machine and equipment, textiles and grains.

How much better a match do we have? Don’t do sanctions. Offer our products at 5% profit. Talk about winning the hearts and minds. Make our grain and food stuffs so cheap they can’t resist and make sure every package says from the US to the people of Korea. Have South Korea broker the deal – We could all win for a change. N. Koreans would stop starving and it would be the South Korea and the U.S. who fed them. Hard working Americans who make the world a safer place.

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