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The Tyranny of Landscaping

There exists a mental illness in our country, excessive yard preening. I have a neighbor who is constantly having her lawn mowed, trees taken down or planted, weeds whacked. The machinery used in these processes are always large and very noisy ( wood chippers, lawn mowers, weed whackers). Today we’ve had the joy of a wood chipper running from 8 am until 3 pm. One of the things that attracts people to our dirt road in the woods is the wilderness feel of the wildlife refuge, a dirt road in the middle of Suburbia, 20 miles outside of Boston near Walden Pond.

But for some people, the raw beauty of woods doesn’t float their boats, manicured lawns that have more in common with English formal gardens and no trees on their lots are their idea of paradise. Sadly for me and them, I live next to them


Aren’t Robocalls security risks?

The fact that phone numbers can be so easily spoofed seems like a security risk.  It is certainly a financial risk and a general annoyance to me.  It certainly infringes on my right “to life, liberty” as by having a phone I can be terrified by someone 7 X 24 with no ability to stop the harassment.  What do you think?


If a member of your family is disabled, then here are some suggestions to make life easier for all.

Being disabled just sucks but what makes it more cumbersome is something just out of your reach.  As happens quite regularly, a visitor comes by to visit,  bringing with them a gift, a newspaper, a book which naturally they put down before they leave which is usually 10 inches out of my reach.

Suggestion:   Make a space within reach labeled Gifts for (Disabled Person)

The other frustrating thing is that every day tools are out of reach.

Suggestion: Use a shower bag to hold toothpaste, toothbrush, mouth wash, etc and attach to hospital bed with metal shower hooks.  Also a cup or basin would help with tooth brushing.

More later . . .


Things to do today and in the next few weeks to keep your family and your neighbors safe in bad weather.

1. Check that you have smoke detectors with fresh batteries in your bedrooms.  If you needs to buy them use Amazon or your local hardware or even some larger pharmacies.

2.  Get a plug-in Carbon Monoxide detector.  Sometimes you can combine them.  I personally like to allow multiple failure points (it’s the QA person in me).

3.  If you are planning on staying in you home for more than 5 years have a whole house generator installed.  With mine, the power goes down and within minutes, generator boots on and power is back on.  When power comes back, power switches, generator switches off and we’re back on the grid.


You have to have plans if you have children, pets or special circumstances like disability.

if you are disabled but can get out of bed by yourself into wheel chair, keep the chair at the ready otherwise keep the lift plugged in when storm warnings first start, have your caretaker position the lift sling under you and the lift next to you.  It usually takes about 10 minutes to get you in a chair or on a stretcher.

Other things to do:

-Get a chair or stretcher per special needs (try for cheaper prices, you can also try councils on aging or centers for indepent livings.

-Ramps or doors expanded (in Boston area, try boston orthopedic & respiratory equipment (

More to come. . . .


Anyone remember boarding houses?

When I was a kid, I remember that people in transition used to live in boarding houses.  I’ve just read that a large percentage of Millenials still live at home.  It seems to me that boarding houses could allow them to move out without going into debt.  What do you, gentle reader, do you think?