Anyone remember boarding houses?

When I was a kid, I remember that people in transition used to live in boarding houses.  I’ve just read that a large percentage of Millenials still live at home.  It seems to me that boarding houses could allow them to move out without going into debt.  What do you, gentle reader, do you think?


5 questions about self driving cars to think about

5 things I hate about self-driving cars:

1. Why would you want one?
2. How frightening is it going to drive in the Boston area
3. Are safeguards really going to exist on them or is it going to take a heap of deaths and crashes and redesign to actually make them safe
4. Why are spending all this money on these cars and roads when we could use lowering the fossil foot print we’re doing by using public transportation? Shouldn’t we count in job loss, insurance cost, deaths, etc and whether it’s worth it?
5. Do you really want software engineers to make ethical decisions?


TV / Cable remotes stink

I know, I know I’m a snobbish software type but could we really come up with a better designed type of interaction with the TV / cable system than a remote control (clicker) that doesn’t work unless it’s the right phase of the moon and you don’t want to do any thing like choose a movie.  I press and press the button and the cursor doesn’t move and suddenly the clicks catch up and it moves past where you wanted to go.

Yes, I understand, I’m late to the party of having cable ( last 2 or 3 years) and as a result have little tolerance for a system so antiquated and illogical.  I’ve read the manual, tried patience, throwing thr remote across the room and I still can’t get where I want to go.

I’d go as far as saying this is one stressor that built to have influenced the election much like comment like “Let them ear cake” for enter revolution.