I’m really old now.

I’m really old now. I’ve worked with new technology, new paradigm, etc but I have finally come up against something I can’t figure out.
I bought a voice recorder so I could make notes and write articles.

Okay, I open the package and I immediately look for the documentation and the problems and concerns begin there.

What do you usually have to with almost everything? You have to set the date or recharge the battery. Well, shockingly the documentation does not say how.


The ipad and real work

I’ve been bed bound for several months so I foolishly thought that my iPad would work for me to continue working on some testing and writing projects.  Bad idea.

The iPad and Microsoft collide in a clash of epic proportions.  Word on the ipad takes me back to 1983 on my Compaq luggable. You can’t do a file save as unless you know a Masonic handshake and obscure iconography of the iPad.  And highlighting a paragraph is still a mystery to me.  What were they thinking?


Bottle caps that don’t come off

One of things that really ticks me off as a disabled person is the twist off caps that end  up on soda like Coke.  They are almost impossible to get off if  you don’t have two functioning hands and biceps of steel.  I buy bottled soda so that I can drink part of it and close it up for another time.  Would it be too much to ask that it not take a wrench to get the bottle top off??


Basic Courtesy in Healthcare?

Once again the healthcare industry has let me down. I had an appointment with a home care agency yesterday and no one showed at the appointed time, no phone call, no text, no nothing.  I found out today when I called out there was a bill which they didn’t bill my insurance company for nor did they send the bill to me and so the owner told the person that was to call me that they didn’t need to bother with me.  this is an example of just not finding out what’s going on.  The person has a nurse come once to rebrand age wounds and then nothing at all?!?