Today: More dashboard lights

Okay, I’m a pretty average gal (I have in my long distant past with a couple of friends pulled an engine and transmission of an mg-midget)
It is alarming to have 4 dashboard warning lights go on at the same time when you’re in the middle of New Hampshire with a 100 miles to go before you get home.

This is what happened yesterday – I was coming back from Vermont and stopped to get gas and use the rest room. Got on the road and suddenly the Check Engine, VSC, Trak OFF and the maintainece required lights all came on.

I stopped checked the engine oil and antifreeze. I kept driving because the Check engine light is this ubiquitous meaningless light that seems to go on for no reason other than the sensor burned out.

All the way back to Massachusetts, I wondered if the car were falling apart.

This morning I worked at home until the car place opened – I called to make an appointment only to be told to unscrew the gas cap and screw it back in tightly, drive around for a day or two and make an appointment if the lights didn’t go out.

I did these things and the lights have not gone out.  I’m going to Autozone tomorrow because they have a free engine light check for the computer code.  It would have taken 5 minutes at the Scion dealer to give me peace of mind, I know people are busy but come on.

No wonder Toyota has a crappy reputation.  I am definitely going back to Honda products after this experience.